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Thanks to the e-commerce platform, India now has crossed the 100 million mark of online shoppers (expected to spike up to 175 million by 2020).

Let’s face it, we as shoppers hardly step into a physical store anymore to buy lifestyle/grocery products or even electronics or sports goods. With online shopping becoming the next internet craze, India is catching up fast with the rest of the world. And there is no doubt that the number of e-shoppers will only multiply with growing income levels and a worldwide exposure accessible at the palm.

To address the elephant in the room would mean focusing on the recent survey by KPMG. According to it, a low 32% of India’s 51 million small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have an online presence, with only 17% harnessing the power of digital technologies. Clearly, there is a gap and that means a huge business potential to tap into.

With e-commerce becoming the hub of country’s entrepreneurial aspirations, the SMB sector is estimated to scale up by 55% by 2020. There is a great diversity within the sector with respect to enterprise size, product range and the markets operated in, and this proving a boon to India’s rising economy.


A quick look at the SMB landscape

The emergence of a number of e-commerce marketplaces today is helping SMBs get on the online revolution swiftly. And, even though, more and more SMB owners are swaying towards a digital presence, e-tail is not a cakewalk for an enterprise operating from the interiors of India. Essentially, SMBs need to overcome lack of digital business know-how, inadequate internet connectivity, finance for additional sales channels and meeting some daunting customer expectations.

Yet, it’s not all high and dry for SMBs. There are specific organisations and institutions that act as small business enablers, supporting them with the required hand-holding and the much needed confidence for a digital launch. Additionally, digitisation initiatives by the Indian Government and assistance from organisations like CII and RASCI is also helping SMBs get on with the online wave. As a value-added service, e-commerce platforms are also helping SMBs setup online businesses with hands-on training and workshops.

In conclusion, there is a great demand for unique, out-of-the-box products on India’s online marketplace. SMBs are currently in a sweet spot to reap great sales from this marketplace. With all kinds of support and service available at their disposal for a hassle-free online sales experience, it’s just a matter of adopting a new technology.